6 Of The Best Local Places To Go On a Shopping Spree in Hyderabad

1. Koti Sultan Bazaar

200 years and counting, Koti Sultan Bazaar still stands strong luring women with row after row of Indian finery. It’s one of the famous places to shop in Hyderabad. From salwar Kameez and Churidar sets to sparkling footwear, silver junk jewellery and some rare pieces this market has the best that Hyderabad has to offer. Be sure your pockets are heavy for this one.

2. Laad Bazaar

Laad Bazaar is another one of the oldest shopping places in Hyderabad, in existence since the time of the Nizams. Situated just next to the Charminar it is popular for its stone-studded lacquer bangles, semi-precious stones, silverware and the famous pearls of Hyderabad. Perfume, jewellery, saris and a variety of fabrics made from handwoven materials like silk, cotton, brocade and velvet are also sold here. Business is conducted on the floor with soft mattresses to make you comfortable as you bargain your way through. Ladies are sure to have a field day in Laad Bazaar.

3. Perfume Market

Not far away from Laad Bazaar is a market with rows of shops selling ittar and other local perfumes made from a base of sandalwood oil and presentably packed in small glass vials. They may not be your standard Versace, but they sure as much assail your nostrils with sweet smelling fragrances of rose, jasmine and musk.

4. Begum Bazaar

The biggest commercial market in Hyderabad, Begum Bazaar caters to your household needs selling a myriad of household commodities at wholesale prices. Several brassware collections have recently made their way into the market as well. Begum Bazaar also has the biggest fish market after Musheerabad.

5. Antique Market

Antique market or Chor Bazaar in Hyderabad is a famous flea market where you can purchase unique antiquities at amazing prices. From quaint looking crockery to old fashioned chandeliers, replicas of monuments, relic wooden chests and ‘aladdin’s lamps’, the market is like a treasure cove just waiting to be opened. The market itself has an old world aura about it which seems to take you back in time.

6. Mozzam Jahi Market

What started out as a fresh fruit market is now much more than a fruit bazaar. You can find everything from fresh chicken and mutton, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, local perfumes, fresh flowers, pottery items and flavoursome sweets indigenous to this place. The market even deals in arms and ammunitions and ittar and hookahs are sold full and plenty. It’s one of the cheapest shopping places in Hyderabad.

Even with so many shopping centres scattered around the city, a visit to the city of sultans is never complete without visiting its bazaars. These are truly the places to shop in Hyderabad if you want to take back a piece of its rich heritage.